Introductory Campaign Consultation

First-time candidate? No problem, someone from our team will sit down with you or we could even call and do a free 30-minute consultation and go over your campaign needs. Running for office can be stressful. Let us help you.


Seasoned candidate? You know exactly what needs to be done in your campaign. Alot of consultants charge huge fees for simple services. Schedule a consultation and tell us exactly what you want and we will get it done. No huge markups, no hidden fees. Easy.


Sign Graphics & Literature Services

Our Graphics Team is happy to help with anything you can imagine! We take pride in producing highly visible products for our yard signs, as well as thoughtful design when doing literature creation for our candidates.


We realize you have a lot to say, but sometimes our clients say TOO much, or TOO little and their message can get lost. Fill out our custom GGK Candidate Questionnaire when ordering Literature Services and you won't have to worry about either.

Campaign Strategy & Analytics

Where do you even start on your campaign? 


What do you have to do to even win?


Candidates run because they feel a calling to serve their community. But a lot are unaware each campaign has a formula that will get you to that finish line. We have worked for campaigns at the state and federal level and have seen what has worked...and what hasn't. Let our experience work for you.

Having a clear campaign strategy and path to winning while also crunching the numbers will provide you with a roadmap to victory.


Want someone to run your website? We can do it.


What about organizing your calendar so you don't miss that super important forum? We got you.


Did you forget to send out that letter to all those donors!? We didn't.


Our team is more than happy to manage the small parts of your campaign that if left unchecked become huge problems.

Open Laptop

Here at GGK Strategies, we realize that you may require photography services to augment your campaign. This can range from new professional headshots, action shots and anything in between. Let us help ease the burden from expensive photographers that aren't quite sure what you need.


Reach out for a consultation today and we would love to help you.